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Trinidad Cuisine- Chow

My wife loves her chow. So much so that there are few things that can come between. I hope I am one of the few 🙂 No matter the time of day or night, my wife has a penchant for […]

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Marvel in the sky!

The date was April 14th 2012. I was hanging out clothes to dry when my wife stopped and looked up, transfixed… Curiously I asked her if something was up, and she told me to come quickly and look at the […]

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The Perception of Beauty

I read an article on the perception of beauty from the Washington Post and decided to share a small experience I had on the matter. There are countless times we go through every day missing the small things in front […]

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Everything back on track!

So I got back all my gear about 3 weeks ago and started back shooting after a hiatus for several months this year. Everything seems to be back on track so far. It felt really good to have the camera […]

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Broken Gear

Sometime earlier this year, for the first time in my life, I lent a friend of mine my Canon 40d and 17-55 IS and I was very disappointed that when I got it back, both were broken… The 40d shutter […]

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