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While doing some scouting for a viable location in the East part of Trinidad for a portrait shoot, I thought of Lopinot. I hadn’t been there in several years (about 18-20 years) and I decided to make a road trip […]

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Christmas 2012

It is quite surprising how fast Christmas 2012 came and went. All the hustle and bustle. The expenditure on gifts. The traffic and crazy driving on the roads. The parking situation at the malls. And in a flash, it was […]

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Trinidad Cuisine- Chow

My wife loves her chow. So much so that there are few things that can come between. I hope I am one of the few 🙂 No matter the time of day or night, my wife has a penchant for […]

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Marvel in the sky!

The date was April 14th 2012. I was hanging out clothes to dry when my wife stopped and looked up, transfixed… Curiously I asked her if something was up, and she told me to come quickly and look at the […]

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Everything back on track!

So I got back all my gear about 3 weeks ago and started back shooting after a hiatus for several months this year. Everything seems to be back on track so far. It felt really good to have the camera […]

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