Pierre Road sunset- fire in the sky

A couple of weeks ago I was coming home from work a few days before I took vacation. I decided to take a back road called Pierre Road as it offered a more scenic view than the usual urban look of the highway with its flurry of cars. I kept a wary eye on the sunset as I had a feeling that due to the clouds it might be nice.

Midway along the road, I noticed the sun dipping down behind the horizon and I pulled aside. Cars blew past me as tends to happen on long, straight roads in Trinidad that aren’t riddled with traffic. I popped the trunk and exited my vehicle as quickly as possible as a Subaru whizzed near my door.

Standing behind my vehicle I took out my camera and wide angle lens and looked up to observe the sunset. What I saw was this amazing view of what looked like fire in the sky. The clouds were ablaze with reds and there was a hint of the golden sunset glow.

I scampered across the road as I observed a string of trucks approaching. While composing my shot, I found the reds in the clouds not as vibrant as before and realised I didn’t have long as the sunset was fading quickly. I took eleven shots in quick succession with varying exposures and compositions to experiment.

What I noticed as I looked down at the screen to chimp was that the ninth to the eleventh shot hardly displayed any redsĀ and the golden colours were also faint. It seems that the event was over. From beginning to end, the view was gone in five minutes or so…

I went home and showed my wife the images on the back of the screen and she picked out one that also seemed to be my favourite so here it is.


Pierre Road sunset - Fire in the sky

Pierre Road sunset – Fire in the sky



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