Temple by the sea

Temple by the sea

Temple by the sea

I was scouting one evening for a couple that wanted to use the temple by the sea in Waterloo as a backdrop for their wedding photos.

While checking things out, I realised that the area wasn’t suitable for use as there was going to be local Government elections the next day and due to that, the area was locked up heading to the temple. There was also litter along with stray dogs all over.

When I asked the local caretaker about the matter, he said he was requested to keep the place locked due to vandalism which sometimes occurs when people consume too much alcohol due to the expected event the next day.

I advised the couple to consider another location- the Hanuman temple. The couple appreciated the recommendation and we ended up using that eventually. More on that in a later post. Before I left however, the sun started setting and I grabbed the photo above using a slow shutter speed and wide angle lens. Having my tripod handy was a necessity given the time period my shutter had to remain open to maintain stability.

My wife, Mariana, who usually graciously accompanies me on my scouting trips was also taking some photos with her phone and lamenting on the fact that her photos don’t look like mine. I made a mental note at that point to do something about that. I definitely need to get her a dSLR in the future!

She managed to take a behind-the-scene (BTS) photo using her phone of me getting my composition right. It took a while and I walked about first before I decided on this framing. I wanted to get the temple by the sea and the sunset in the frame for sure but there were other interesting elements like a boat and an old pole that once had a flag on it in the foreground for some foreground interest.

Lawrence Moy Hing photographing the temple by the sea

Once I got everything lined up, I took the shot. I didn’t take┬ámany because of some approaching persons in the area, but I quite like this one.

I am considering making a print of the photo up above. What do you think?


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