Petrotrin refinery at night

Petrotrin refinery at night

Petrotrin at night

This year I decided to make a conscious effort to do more landscapes, so while driving on the highway I pulled aside near the Petrotrin refinery at night to capture this shot. More on the Petrotrin refinery here from the official Petrotrin website.

From the highway, one could see the gaseous emissions (which are burnt off before emitting into the atmosphere) and the Petrotrin refinery framed by the silhouetted trees seemed like a nice frame to me. The lights from the burning flames and the plant itself also seemed to illuminate the sky.

While setting up, I also noticed the reflection on the water. I wished that I had my tripod with me so that I could steady the camera to get a better quality image. As it stands, I had to handhold the image as best as I could. I took a number of images of the same framing to ensure that I got one acceptably sharp. The only issue was my ISO was extremely high- at the limits of the technology within my camera.

I attempted to use my car as a tripod as well, but cars were swooshing past me at such high velocity that due to the slow shutter speeds I was attempting, it made the photos unsuitably blurry. Back to square one with using myself as the tripod…

Pulling in my elbows tightly and using my face as part of the man-made tripod, I firmly gripped the camera and took a breath and held it while squeezing off the shutter.

I definitely need to return to this location soon with my tripod to try this again. I find myself enjoying shooting the environment around me exciting once more. For a time, the joy of shooting landscapes waned as I ventured into People photography, but sometimes it is good to venture out and try different things to spice things up.



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