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Hi guys,

I have a FACTORY UNLOCKED 16Gb iPhone 4 for sale. It is in MINT condition (99.99%) and has been updated to the latest 5.1.1 firmware. Even though it is factory unlocked, the phone is jailbroken. Price is $3,500 TTD. Reason for selling- I want to get the Samsung Galaxy Note.

I took some sample shots in about 20 minutes to highlight the condition of the phone. Lighting was a softbox to 90 degrees camera left and an umbrella near camera position for fill. The backdrop is a simple sheet of paper held up with clothes pins. No lights were on the background and one flag was used camera right to block some of the fill light to give added depth.

Funnily enough, shooting the phone with an SLR seemed to have been counter-productive as no persons are doubting the condition of the phone and think I downloaded the images off of the internet…. sigh… thinking about re-shooting with my ghetto Me-2 Blackberry curve with no flash in order to satisfy the consumer masses.

Interested persons can email me on my contact page HERE



Update: This was sold a week after I posted this. Sorry for the rest who were not answered, but thanks for the interest!

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