Joshua & Melanie’s Wedding

I met Melanie Henry through a mutual friend and fellow photographer while in More Vino just a couple of weeks ago and only a week before her wedding. She struck me as a very warm person who also seemed a bit anxious, possibly due to the last minute booking that happened. We immediately kicked it off though and her fiance for the remaining week- Joshua Sylvester bounced through the door from his post graduate exams at UWI. He was very tall and seemed wired (too much coffee from exams!) and spoke quickly. Needless to say, they were both very friendly and within a few moments, conversations flowed and we quickly lost track of time.

One week later and I was photographing their wedding at Assumption Church in Maraval with the ceremony at a friend of their’s estate in Santa Cruz- Green Meadows with one of the owners being Nicholas Oliver from the Oliver Signs Company. While my wife has assisted me on previous jobs, it was the first time my wife accompanied me as an assistant at a wedding… Thank you Mars!

Joshua and Melanie were a fantastic couple to photograph and quite fun! I sincerely wish them the best in their future endeavours and good luck on their baby who is almost here!


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