Trinidad Cuisine- Chow

My wife loves her chow. So much so that there are few things that can come between. I hope I am one of the few 🙂

No matter the time of day or night, my wife has a penchant for making chow out of anything edible.

Featured here is a typical Trinidadian snack dish during its preparation stage. Ingredients include some sort of fruit, garlic, shadow benny, salt, and pepper- usually lots of it. If it doesn’t make you pant and sweat, it doesn’t have enough.

Kudos to Mars, as through her I wouldn’t have witnessed the number of things that end up becoming chow 🙂

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  1. hey Lawrence it’s so funny i found this i was looking to see what they said about shadow benny and what they call it here in the USA i was teaching some second graders a little bit about my culture and tell them that that was one of the most fun things i remember about my country is making chow with my familly and friends in the village where i grow up with mangoes and different types of fruit we even made a mild version of it to try and they all went home and told parents about it we have a showcase coming up and they want me to make it for their parents to try…

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