Marvel in the sky!

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The date was April 14th 2012. I was hanging out clothes to dry when my wife stopped and looked up, transfixed… Curiously I asked her if something was up, and she told me to come quickly and look at the sun.

Sure enough, I looked up and was confused for a moment and the photographer in me leapt back inside for my camera and was back out in a flash as this was something I never saw before, a marvel in the sky, and wasn’t going to let this phenomenon pass by.

A quick upload to Facebook and the social network was abuzz with locals who each shared my sentiments. It is called a 22o halo and the technical info about it can be read here.

Some people mentioned that it is a fairly common occurrence in other parts of the world, but I have never seen one in Trinidad so it seemed wondrous to me and reminds us of how much there is out there that we still don’t know.

Never stop learning…


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