The Perception of Beauty

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I read an article on the perception of beauty from the Washington Post and decided to share a small experience I had on the matter.

There are countless times we go through every day missing the small things in front of us that could enrich our day, if we let it.

Such was the case when on a Monday morning a few days ago, everyone else was in their frantic dash to work and in stand-still rush hour traffic, while I came off my shift at 6am. I had nowhere to go but to an empty home as my wife was on her way to work as well. I took my time and decided to take the scenic route through Caroni.

It is amazing the number of things you notice when you just take the time to see them… Life just passes you by. There were a number of times I slowed my pace, possibly to the chagrin of many drivers behind me and I just drank in the view.

I am working nights again tonight as I type this, and I am looking forward to tomorrow’s drive home if only to be enriched with the smallest of things that seem so beautiful when one takes the time to appreciate it…

Here is the article from the Post, with the full link below it.

Link to full article here


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