Everything back on track!

So I got back all my gear about 3 weeks ago and started back shooting after a hiatus for several months this year. Everything seems to be back on track so far.

It felt really good to have the camera in my hands again. I stopped for a long time for a number of reasons I will explain later, but having the camera in my hands felt like meeting an old friend after a long time.

After careful inspection, everything seemed Ok and I decided to put the cam through its paces. Everything performed seamlessly and was very responsive. It was like riding a bike. My fingers played with the controls like if it was never gone.

I had an upcoming company dinner and it so happened my wife tried to look prettier than she already was by doing her hair and makeup. I don’t think she could look any more gorgeous but I took a photo after we got home anyway.

For the strobists- on camera flash (gasp!) bounced off a wall and ceiling camera left


As good fortune would have it, and quite possibly by the Grace of God, a number of jobs came my way in quick succession that were in very good timing considering the financial belt tightening I had to do post-wedding.

I go on vacation this Friday and will be spending Christmas abroad in Disney World! I am really excited and torn between getting some great photos, and having a great experience. Something tells me that I may end up just taking in the experience but only time will tell.

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