Broken Gear

Sometime earlier this year, for the first time in my life, I lent a friend of mine my Canon 40d and 17-55 IS and I was very disappointed that when I got it back, both were broken…

The 40d shutter wheel was spinning like a top with no changes happening, and the lens refused to autofocus with me getting an error 01 lens communication error. I initially thought that was as a result of the camera also, so I sent the 40d to repair but when it came back, while the camera was fine, the lens was still not operating properly.

Since I was caught up with planning for my wedding and building my house, as well as having deferred any possible bookings due to time constraints, I was ok with not having the camera at the time.

Now that that time has passed and I am feeling the financial churn of post-wedding issues, I am finding it difficult to get the lens repaired.

My mom is going up to NY in October, so hopefully she can collect the repaired lens for me… which reminds me… I need to ship it out my broken gear repair!

So far, any jobs coming up, I rent gear from another friend of mine and I have been hoping Canon comes out with something like a 5D Mark III with decent autofocus, but that seems like it isn’t happening soon enough.

The Canon 5D Mark II, while it produces beautiful images, sucks on a huge scale with its autofocus and that doesn’t work well with fast paced weddings.

I am going to call UPS and see if they can do a local pickup and ship it out for me.

More on that later.

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