Mehindi day

So I just spent last night eating dinner with my family. With the upcoming days to my wedding expected to be crazy hectic, we all knew it was my last night together with them as a single man…

My dad passed on an heirloom to me. His first ring. He got it evaluated and everything, and passed the certificate to me along with the bling. It was a melancholy moment for sure, but he smiled as he passed it and it didn’t seem so bad.

My dad isn’t a materialistic person. He buys very few things for himself and when he does, he treasures them and keeps them for life. He still has his comic books from when he was a kid for crying out loud. When my dad gives me things that he has been keeping forever I feel like I’ve been given a huge burden which i gladly bear. I feel like I’ve been entrusted with a responsibility to keep things going… like a baton passing to me.

Today is Mariana’s Mehindi day. She is very excited, and so is my mom. All the women have to get their hands and feet decorated today. I on the other hand, am tasked with the Thursday night tradition of spending tonight in my new apartment that was put together with the hands of my new family, myself, and Mars in preparation of her family handing their daughter over to me.

So many things to do still, so little time. I am still grappling with my speech. Who knows why it is so hard for me. Mariana says I am known for b*llsh*tting my way through anything. Maybe that’s why it is hard to sit down and plan the damn thing out. God only knows how I am able to type so much stuff in this one blog post, but seem to draw a complete blank for my speech.

I also need to pack my suitcases. Time to get stuff moved in. I’m looking around my room and wondering how the heck everything is going to fit into that small apartment. So much junk accumulated over time. What do I leave home? Everything I pick up seems to have some sort of sentimental value… or maybe I’m just being a dork. This shouldn’t be so hard, so why is it?

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